KONŠTRUKTA - Industry's team of qualified and experienced service technicians provides comprehensive service throughout the operational life of delivered machines.

Maintenance service is providing within the warranty period (12 months after the commissioning the production line, but no longer than 18 months after delivery of the goods to the customer) but also at the customer's request after the end of the warranty (inspection, servis and replacement of the necessary parts).

We provide a flexible solution to the customer's service requirements. All your requirements and questions you can send by e-mail:

The professional approach of the KONŠTRUKTA - Industry's service team, their professional knowledge and experience are a guarantee of satisfaction of customer's requirements in the technical, technological and service areas.


Spare parts guarantee performance and extend the life of your machines.


KONŠTRUKTA - Industry, a.s., provides spare parts for all of new delivered machines/products, also for the previously produced products of “SA family line” SA-5, SA-7, SA-8, SA-11, SA-12, SA-14 and SA-15.

Requirements for delivery of spare parts you can send us through the online form below:
or direct contact:

Mrs. Anna Malá e-mail:


KONŠTRUKTA - Industry, a.s., provides technical assistance in the case of any technical problem that can arise during the production life of machines.

For technical assistance, please contact us at the e-mail