Company profile

KONŠTRUKTA – Industry, INC is a reliable and sought-after supplier of machines, equipment, complex solutions and services in field of technological equipment for the processing of explosive materials for military and civilian use. We offer quality products and services to customers in order to increase the competitiveness.

We are guided by five key manifestations that express our professionalism:

  • exemplarity – we start from ourselves and apply our professionalism in everyday work through constat increasing of expertise, proactive approach, correct and decent behavior, etc;

  • efectivity – we don´t say what would be good to do, we do it. If we can´t find solution by ourselves, we will invite other parties but we always come on time,

  • cooperation – mutual sharing of knowledges and experiences, active listening of reasons and arguments;

  • transparency – we maintain an independent approach to the facts, we commit ourselves only to what we can accomplish and we choose our suppliers on the basis of transparent criteria;

  • control – represents irreplaceble role in knowing whether we are doing the right thing.

KONŠTRUKTA – Industry, INC has a long tradition and highly qualified employees, ensuring long-term growth through a motivating and stable working environment.