Health and safety policy

The management of KONŠTRUKTA-Industry, INC, within the concept of health and safety workplace, it aims to:


  1. Increasing and continuously improving the level of health and safety workplace management in order to reduce potential health threats due to technological processes, technical equipment, human activities and the working environment.
  2. Ensuring the implementation of health surveillance at regular intervals, taking into account the nature of the work.
  3. Creating health and safety conditions for cooperation with partners and subcontractors.
  4. Compliance with relevant internal and external legislation.
  5. Continuation of assessment, evaluation and reduction of risks in workplaces and thus implementation of prevention of occupational accidents, accidents and diseases.
  6. Ensuring regular training, qualification, training courses of employees and developing their awareness of the principles of occupational safety and health, which leads to safe work, health protection, and educating the use of correct and safe procedures at work.
  7. Controlling of activities and evaluation of the state of health and safety workplace – regular evaluation (at least once a year) of fulfilment of individual tasks of the health and safety policy concept within the examination of the state of health and safety and working environment in the form of audit at all workplaces.
  8. Continuation of cooperation and communication with employees, especially through employee representatives for health and safety workplace.