Company history


  • establishment of KONŠTRUKTA, state enterprise

  • development of weapon and an ammunition systems


  • development and production of first filling machine SA-1

  • development and production of the first equipment for casting explosives


  • development and production of the first extruder for the production of

  • two-component powders


  • conversion programs


  • establishment of KONŠTRUKTA – Industry

  • entry into the tire industry – production of the first extruder


  • development of a steel cord cutting line for a passenger car bumper


  • transformation a join-stock company

  • entering the Russian market


  • development of the Triplex line

  • entry into the markets of China and India

  • development of Roller-head line for extruding inner rubber


  • development of Quadroplex line

  • development of spiral cooler


  • entering the USA market


  • opening of a research and development workplace

  • divisional arrangement


  • entering the markets of Southeast Asia


  • entering into the markets of South America and South Africa

  • launch of a 3-year major investment in IT infrastructure

  • cooperation with STU Bratislava in the development of a wind tunnel

  • beginning of cooperation with Continental company in the field of using the research and development workplace


  • penetration among suppliers of complex lines for tire manufacturers from TOP 5

  • development of a new system for locking extrusion heads


  • launch of a long-term investment in machinery


  • building an engineering structure in low cost territories

  • development in the production of automation lines for the automotive industry


  • reorganization of the company, separation of two core businesses – civil and defence and foundation of independent company KONŠTRUKTA – Industry, INC


  • development of new filling line SA-12


  • development of new filling line SA-14


  • development of new filling line SA-15

Konstrukta History 01The year 1950 represents the beginnings of the company KONŠTRUKTA Trenčín, when the technical and design department was relocated from the Škoda Plzeň factory to the city of Trenčín and a prototype workshop focusing on armament production in Dubnica nad Váhom. After the construction of suitable premises in Trenčín, the national company Konštrukta Trenčín was established from these workplaces by the deed of incorporation of the Ministry of General Engineeing no. 175 of 15 December 1952 with effect from the 1st January 1953. The object of the business was to provide research and development of medium and heavy weapons, including ammunition and accessories for these weapons. The company gained several awards for the successful implementation of the development of production of products required by central state administration bodies, thus proving its viability.

In 1959, the company developed a progressive technology, which was protected by patent of Czechoslovakia – Screw Extrusion Filling of Artillery Shells and Mortar Bombs with TNT. The first order for this commodity was the development and production of SA-1.

In the 60´s Konštrukta took advantage of the effort of state authorities to ensure the defence of the state, and therefore a favourable situation arose for the development of the defence industry. However, the Konštrukta began to grow territorially and the first addition was the workplace in Brno, which had a special role – it dealt with contactless lighters for rockets.Konstrukta History 02

The seventies and eighties brought development of technology for filling of ammunition and namely triple-spindle SA-3 Screw Extrusion Filling Machine as well as new development of single-spindle SA-5 Filling Machine. Furthermore, there were developed and produced the new double-spindle SA-6 and SA-7 Filling Machines. Filling of artillery shells and mortar bombs by method of heated screw was recommended to apply in all countries of the Warsaw Pact.

In the following decades, the development and production of special and civil production continues alternately. And the development and supply of technological lines for the field of engineering and metallurgical production, packaging lines for the food industry are carried out. Besides development of special technologies, the company successfully performed research and development in the field of weapon systems and ammunition.


Basic Technical Data





Caliber range

76÷160 mm

70÷160 mm

60÷85 mm


TNT flakes

TNT flakes

TNT/RDX granules or pellets

After 1989, the position of the company by the state is significantly weakened by subsequent organizational changes and there is a significant decline in special production.

On October 1st, 1993, the Ministry of Economy decided to liquidate the state-owned company Konštrukta and two separate state-owned companies were established – KONŠTRUKTA – Defence and KONŠTRUKTA – Industry. In 1996 the state transformed the state-owned company into a joint-stock company.

In the year 2016 KONŠTRUKTA - Industry, INC has been separated to the two core businesses - civil and defence. Independent company KONŠTRUKTA – Industry, INC has been founded.