It is customized technological plant completed with preparation and finishing equipment for the final assembly of different fixed or separately loaded ammunition.

  • Caliber range: 57 ÷ 155 mm (as per request)
  • Cartridge case loading & assembling
  • Artillery & mortar ammo assembling
  • Other as per request
  • Caliber range 76 ÷ 155 mm
  • Artillery shells & mortar bombs filling
  • Explosive substance: TNT flakes, TNT/RDX (50/50) granules or flakes
  • Modular configuration with respect to the technological process
  • Ready-made ammunition testing
  • Loading ability check-up
  • Sealing check-up
  • Pull-apart force check-up
  • Short-time readjustment for different caliber
  • High safety work


1 – Primer screw-in/pressing-in
2 – Cartridge case stenciling
3 – Propellant charges weighting and assembly
4 – Additional components preparation
5 – Cartridge case loading and assembling (LAP Line)
6 – Crimping of single loaded ammunition

7 – Loading ability checking
8 – Primer screw-in (if required)
9 – Preservation
10 – Packing
15 – Sealing agent preparation
16 – Quality control
17 – Machine room
18 – Tools, exchangeable parts storage
19 – Pyrotechnical components storage

The cartridge case conveyor is designated as a set of modular devices used for the gradual loading and assembling of fixed or separate loaded ammo. In the technological process, it is possible to position the cartridge case and insert the individual components according to laboratory instructions, vibrate the bulk powder in the cartridge case, press the caps and seal the cartridge cases by means of sealing material. The conveyor may be arranged in any configuration in terms of technological process, capacity, direction of material flow, etc. The drive of devices is pneumatic. The cartridge cases on the conveyor move manually in special carriers, that differ for each caliber.



Cartridge Case Conveyor
  Crimping of Single Loaded Ammo a
nd Loading Ability Check up
Pull-Apart Machine